John C. Maxwell

GROW is both a suggestive word & a scary word! It encapsulates a wonderful world of potential; possibility & opportunity to play out. It is also an inspiring & confronting word; because to grow means to extend oneself, to look in the mirror & consciously make some changes, to improve, to become…

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines it as, to:

  1. increase
  2. gain
  3. develop to maturity
  4. become

GROW is a word that asks something of us. What is it asking of you? Do you even know what you want in life, to grow into? You might ask “What’s the point of growing?” After all, you:

  1. don’t like confrontation
  2. think it’s all too hard & believe there’s no hope in this world
  3. may think that to ‘grow up’ is to lead a boring life without any fun
  4. wouldn’t know who you were if you were to ‘grow up’ & you would have to face curry from your mates (a fate worse than death for those who wear a mask of ‘toughness’ to cover their pain or inadequacies)

The quote above suggests a good reason to grow; that we might have a better life! But do you know ‘how’ to have a better life? What stops us from wanting to grow up? There are many reasons why people don’t want to grow up, let’s take a look at some below:

SAFE; in my eyes this has become a pandemic of epic proportions! People have become stricken with fear of just about anything you can think of.  They spend their lives trying to keep safe by shoving their head in the hole of sandy distractions that are often riskier than the real or imagined fear.

When we don’t have a life purpose, we fall prey to fear whether real or imagined & become ensnared by the lies of fear & we don’t just stagnate, we actually spiral down to a place that is harder to recover from. I know, I’ve been there myself!

Most of the people we look up to do not live SAFE lives & yet we admire them so much. We often live our lives through celebrities in magazines or on the silver screen rather than blazing our own trail & wonder why we are dissatisfied, depressed & unmotivated.

If you are wondering why you are not growing as you would like to, take a look at some of your crutches or drugs of choice that you use to numb your anxiety. Dare to name those drugs & stare them in the face & ask yourself if the pain of giving these up is worse than the pain of living a defeated life. The journey is not straight forward; there are times to do it alone & times to ask for help or find support.

In such a modern age one would think that we would be more liberated, but we are more imprisoned than never before. So, my job is to help you discover your WHAT. If I can do that, then WE succeed; you begin to grow again (& so do I for that matter – I love what I do). We then move to a place of exploration in finding solutions – we’re on our way to moving you to a more fruitful place.

Dare to live, & take the plunge into your growth; live out your potential.

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