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This giant cetacean suddenly became the symbol of my capability to connect air and water, to get the idea instantly.

 In Italian, to “balenare” means to flash an idea.

I’ve merged the two words to create my new personal meaning.



Some years ago –never mind how long precisely — I started focusing on the watery part of the world.

 Everything started with a whale tattooed on my left foot, which I draw my bathroom. Then a white t-shirt came and the whale followed me there, too.

Whale It


We like stories.

We are deeply in love with complex characters coming to life in our mind.

We believe in the cathartic power of narration.

We look for a narrator who can lead us into worlds we wouldn’t even imagine.

We dive into stories to live a different life for a while.

We are amused by the powerful dialogues and the hidden messages that lies behind the words.

We are determined to define our own meaning in the stories that are surrounding us.

We believe that those who tell good stories should rule the world.

We have the ability to see our lives as stories, rather than unrelated and random events,

because it increases the possibility of significant and purposeful actions.

We are empowered by storytelling, because it helps us escaping the need to claim for the absolute truth.