Christine was offered to me as a Coach when expanding a pioneering ministry.
Moving from a purely Church-based background into the non-profit sector there was a lot to learn and Christine was able to give practical tips to help that transition.
After meeting with Christine I felt more equipped and less overwhelmed to step into the unknown and am grateful for the time we worked together.

Kiran Skariah – September 2021
Sydney – Australia

I feel very fortunate that Christine was recommended to me by one of my colleagues. I was going through a stressful time in my business and personal life when my colleague and friend recommended Christine’s coaching program.

From my first meeting with Christine, I had realised that she can most definitely help me through the tough time I was going through. Christine listened to me, encouraged my creative thought process and really challenged me to step out of fear and into my new goals / desired direction.

Christine enabled me to question my true values in life and reassured me that I could live by those values without failure.  She assisted me to find my strengths and weaknesses and made me feel secure enough that I felt able to achieve my goals in my business and personal life. She also taught me how to separate work from my personal life while enjoying both. 

Christine is honest, friendly yet assertive, patient with a positive attitude, enthusiastic, supportive, and most of all she really CARES about you and your success.

Her coaching program was thorough and comprehensive. She customised the program to fit with my individual needs and circumstances.

At the moment I still meet with Christine regularly, our sessions are now part of my self-care routine. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Christine as a Business Coach and a life coach to help you move forward in your business and personal life.

L.J – January 2021
Sydney – Australia

Totally overwhelmed and lost in life after the ending of an abusive long-term relationship, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with Christine as part of my healing and recovery journey. Christine was able to work collaboratively with me around other therapy I was engaged in and to help me restore self-worth and purpose on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Professionally and sensitively she walked alongside me on a 6-month journey, to help me find hope and to reconnect with my inner self. Christine followed a structured coaching process, which was enhanced by her faith, compassion and innate ability to listen to what really mattered to me. Her highly skilled and genuine approach helped me re-consider my life purpose and to develop life and professional goals for my new future.

Christine was patient, steady and deeply caring. She passionately helped me reconnect to my values and truths when I had lost sight of them. True to her own values, she had faith in me and encouraged me to clarify and reconnect to my own again.

As part of the coaching process, Christine also helped me identify unhelpful self-beliefs and thought patterns that kept me stuck. She helped me to live according to my true worth and value-set and to bring focus back to my career path again.

Christine’s coaching helped me bridge a significant gap that I was struggling to cross at the time. It’s where she shines and it’s what she does best.  It’s relieving and exciting as I look back and see just how much progress I’ve made from the dark place I was in then, to where I am now.

Based on my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Christine as a Life Coach to help you move forward in your own life journey in 2021 and beyond. If you feel a walk with Christine may be helpful for you too, you can find out more about Christine’s professional skills and experience at the following link (LinkedIn profile) and I invite you to contact her for a chat about your own situation to explore the possibilities. You don’t need to walk it alone!

Susan A. – 2020

My friend and I were having a Mexican stand-off about a situation, resulting in us sweeping it under the carpet, in order to move forward in life. I was worried that if I continued to communicate my needs, my friend would become offended and it would destroy our friendship. Of course, the situation had eventually risen again and I needed a rapid solution to this problem.

Chrissie helped me to communicate through an email as she felt that was a less confronting way to go about it and that it would give my friend time to digest the message and feel safe at the same time. Chrissie listened to my problem, helped me to unpack the situation through the life coaching process she uses and finally we thought about some options and worked on a plan together.

The way she helped me to construct the message was succinct, respectful and effective. It was resolved within 72 hours. That was a win/win and the friendship continues.

Thank you, Chrissie.

TL: September 2020
Mid North Coast – NSW

I was very lucky to come across Christine and her coaching services when I needed them most. She not only listened to my story and struggles, but she helped me identify the real issues I needed to address.

Christine assisted me to get in touch with my instincts and emotions so that I really understood what I was feeling and why. She helped me identify my emotional blockages, what I really wanted in life and then work on a plan that would help get me there.

I have seen several mental health professionals over my life time but Christine definitely takes the lead in being real, raw and honest without the fluffy and unnecessary jargon that most other health professionals provide. I honestly could not recommend Christine
highly enough. Her coaching is definitely extraordinary and I am now able to identify issues and make decisions so much easier whether big or small in keeping with my values.

I am very grateful to Christine for successfully continuing to assist me as I needed her services, in often such emotional times and all while maintaining her professionalism. It truly is so hard to come cross someone who can execute both so naturally. Thank you, Christine.

HK – 2019

Christine has been an amazing help to me over the past 5 months. Before I began our coaching relationship, I felt as though I was living my life without purpose or direction. Christine guided me to search out my values & find a career that aligned with them & most importantly makes me happy.

Throughout my journey I have discovered & learnt so many things. To alter the way I was thinking about situations, release emotional blockages that I did not recognise & improve my self-talk was an incredible experience of freedom. I give Christine so much credit for the energy, patience & time that she has given to me so that I could reach this destination.

Christine Agha – 2016


Christine Buckley is an impressive human being and life coach. She exemplifies the qualities of a true, life coach, in that she lives by the principals she preaches. Christine always has a positive attitude and nothing is too much trouble or too great a challenge. After being a member of Toastmasters for only 14 months, incredibly Christine has taken on the position of Club President at St. George Toastmasters and is doing a great job.  Christine is a driven and exuberant human being, who is an inspiration to many. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a quality life coach. Christine has practical solutions to motivational and personal development matters. 

Sam Almaliki
Area 39 Governor- Toastmasters

Yours truly,

Sam Almaliki
All Stars Winter Cricket Association Inc. Founder/President
2008/09 St. George Toastmasters Past Immediate President
Rockdale Lions PR/Membership Chairman
2008 St. George Workplace Learning Partnership Inc. Board of Management- Youth Representative
University of Wollongong Law Students’ Society- 1st Year Representative

Radio 2NBC- ‘What’s on’ Announcer
Mobile: 0404 56 44 65

Dear Christine,

Thank you so much for being my coach and for helping me achieve my goals!  I really enjoyed our coaching sessions and feel that I have benefited greatly from them. 

I was struggling to balance all of my responsibilities at home and at work and was feeling confused as to where to start.  With your genuine encouragement and support, you helped me clarify my goals and create pathways to move towards these goals with a spirit of enthusiasm and determination.  I have now achieved many of these goals and I feel fantastic!   

During our coaching sessions, it was obvious that even though several different issues had been discussed you were able to see the underlying pattern and help bring my awareness to that. The learning I took from these experiences will have a positive impact on my life forever!

You really helped me see what has been holding me back and why I have been procrastinating.   Even though at times this was challenging for me, you validated how I was feeling and really listened to what I was saying. I felt empowered because you believed in me and my ability to overcome any obstacle and I always felt as though you were on my side. 

Your positive, calm and caring manner and professional approach to coaching, has allowed me to feel guided and nurtured whilst achieving my goals.  I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who wants to live a more successful and fulfilling life.

In appreciation and with kindest regards,

Louise Maddock – 2007